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The phone downloads the latest bootROM and firmware from the ShoreTel server in Paris and in the process, reboots several times. When the phone displays the date and time, the boot and upgrade process is complete. To manually configure an operational phone from the keypad: With the phone on hook, press the MUTE key followed by 73887# (SETUP#). ShoreTel builds business phone systems with unified communications so your company can achieve maximum productivity. Choose the communications device best-suited to your needs, whether that’s a desk phone, smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC—you’ll always have the best possible user experience. ShoreTel Sky Softphone Installation, Configuration, and Log In. Information about installing, configuring and logging into the ShoreTel Sky Softphone, which reproduces most of the features of the physical desk phones supported by the ShoreTel Sky phone system. time displayed on the phone is the GMT value provided by the NTP server plus the offset from the time zone setting of the phone. On the ShoreTel IP480, IP480g, and IP485g phone models, users can change the time zone from the default value through the Options menu on the phone. Virtual Private Network (VPN) The refurbished shoretel IP 655 (On sale for $157.99) has the ability to accept external microphones and a large duplex speaker, the ShoreTel IP 655 is designed to be ShoreTel's top phone. Sell us your out of service Shoretel, Avaya, Polycom, Mitel. Call (833) 211-9300 ! Created to be ShoreTel's top phone, the Refurbished ShoreTel IP655 is at home in the boardroom or on an Diagram of ShoreTel IP-PBX with remote VPN connection. Bandwidth usage for a VoIP connection over a VPN. Using G729, a compressed codec, the following packet size can be calculated: Voice payload (G.729) 20 bytes RTP header 12 bytes UDP header 8 bytes IP header 20 bytes VPN header

The ShoreTel IP Phone 265 is a six-line phone in a compact form factor with a crisp back-lit color display for knowledgeable workers with advanced requirements. It has eight feature keys and four soft keys for easy access to the rich ShoreTel feature set. A full duplex speakerphone and integrated headset jack are also standard.

The ShoreTel VPN Concentrator 5300 will provide a secure connection for remote IP telephones to the of the system, enabling IT staff to implement remote work policy. If the phone cant ping it, can it ping the Gateway at your office? If you have a VPN setup on your home network, then you dont need a VPN concentrator. Your sales guy doesn't know what the fuck he is talking about. You also dont need to put in MGCP servers, the Shoretel server will give that out itself. The ShoreTel IP 485g is an eight-line phone that comes equipped with a large backlit color display. This phone will provide users with an expanded directory to sort their personal contacts. Built-in visual voice mail makes this phone ideal for the advanced professional.

ShoreTel is providing free Remote Phone licenses for the new Connect Edge Gateway that has replaced the VPN Concentrator. Equivalent licenses to match that of the VPN Concentrator will be issued. Will our IP-230G, IP-560G, and IP-655G VPN phones work with the new Connect Edge Gateway?

ShoreTel 5300 VPN Concentrator (60032) – Atlas Phones The ShoreTel VPN Concentrator 5300 will provide a secure connection for remote IP telephones to the of the system, enabling IT staff to implement remote work policy. ShoreTel VPN Concentrator | The ShoreTel VPN Concentrator securely connects remote IP phones to the rest of the system, enabling IT staff to implement a very secure and flexible remote work policy. Remote users simply connect a ShoreTel IP phone to a broadband router, and with minimal configuration establish a secure tunnel to the ShoreTel VPN Concentrator. Connecting remote phones to the network - ShoreTel Forums So you have a Sonicwall at your house? So anything behind that Sonicwall at your house, assuming that the VPN tunnel is up, should be able to ping things at your office, correct? If yes, and you can ping the Shoretel server from your PC at home, then you can try to ping from the phone by hitting the mute button, then 7464# (PING) then you can put in the HQ server address and see what happens.