Now come back to your Hyper-V Manager. If your VM is running, stop it. Once stopped, go to its configuration and add the new internal virtul switch: (Note.- In the image you can see another switch, the Hyper-V Conmutador INTERNO . It's for another subnet that I have. But it's not necessary for you in this configuration)

What is Hyper-V? - Altaro When in Core mode, Windows Server looks much like Hyper-V Server. However, it includes all features of Windows Server and can be converted to graphical mode at any time. Hyper-V Core: This is a nonsense term that should be avoided. It is not clear from this term whether or not Hyper-V Server or Windows Server in Core mode is being referenced. Get more visibility into Hyper-V Server with PRTG Jun 22, 2020 How to Install Free Hyper-V Server or Core Mode

Server Virtualization with Windows Server Hyper-V and

How to Install and Configure Free Hyper-V Server 2019/2016 Apr 14, 2020

Hyper-V for Windows Servers is an add-on to the Windows Server OS. Hyper-V Servers, on the other hand, is a standalone solution that can be used to manage virtual and dedicated server instances

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