Apr 11, 2008

uTorrent is the most popular torrent client that lets you download and upload torrents with flexible seeding options. Recently, users have been complaining that the torrent client crashes once a new torrent is added and download initiated. It also lags in some cases. Best way to optimize uTorrent is to clean system and applications junk. Computer freezes completely when using uTorent, IDM etc Sep 02, 2013 Utorrent freezes computer when left idle for 10-20 minutes Apr 06, 2017

Sometimes, the uTorrent Not Responding error can occur when downloading your favorite movie. But you can change the situation by following a few steps. Sometimes, when it comes to uTorrent Not Working, it is important to know if it is stuck or frozen. If this is the case, simply assume that the application is unable to download the torrent file.

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Feb 23, 2016

Every time I try to watch a video on my laptop (whether it's Hulu, Youtube, or even a movie I've bought off iTunes) my computer always ends up freezing. The whole thing shuts down and all i get is a weird humming noise. I cannot move my mouse or anything. Sometimes it goes away, but normally it stays that way and I have to reboot my computer. As of late, my Firefox browser has been freezing my entire computer. It keeps saying that it is "not responding", my mouse turns into that blue circular loading screen, I can't exit anything, I can't even open task manager, I have to take the battery out just for my computer to turn off. I scanned everything with Norton; didn't detect anything. Oct 31, 2019 · The reason for using a lightweight torrent client is that it only focuses on downloading torrents and speeds up the transfer rate. utorrent and qBittorrent are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux.