My GUI works fine. Here is a screenshot of my Edit box, GUI: F1 fires the script. I would then input 1, 2, 3, or 4, and Click Submit or hit ENTER; which Enter doesn't currently get accepted but sends it into a hidden mode or something unbeknownst to me that's happening in AHK world.-- fixed by davidmneedham -- thanks!. code: not working as fully desired. #NoEnv #SingleInstance Force F1:: aa

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LONG STORY. Input/InputHook(), Hotstring(), AHK_H, ETC May 26, 2020

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ahkClicker.ahk · GitHub Gui, Add, Text, x12 y89 w220 h30 , FastPlace Use: Hold Right Click Gui , Add , Text , x12 y129 w220 h32 , You can change these keys in the script. (exmaples below) AHKScript.GitHub A GitHub page for AutoHotkey on Slack. We now have a Slack site for the AutoHotkey community, and this form will let you sign up for an account. Slack is an awesome way for us to stay connected and have conversations, but it requires us to send you an invitation via email (it … [Autohotkey] Auto Gui Control - Gui, 1: Add, Text, xs + 10 ys + 25 w250 h70 BackgroundTrans center, This is the "Light" Version of the auto insert Gui Tool To get Position and size options get the other version. Gui , 1 : Add , GroupBox , x10 y330 w270 h90 Center Section , Output