A Device is a computing entity (for example, desktop, smartphone, IoT connected device) that has an OpenVPN client installed on it and is used to access the VPN. A User can have one or more associated devices.

In order for you to remote desktop, you will need to have it set up in a split mode. I am unfamiliar with the Cisco VPN but, for example on Sonicwall SRA devices the option is "Tunnel all mode". Many sysadmins setup their VPN like yours to avoid laptops like yours effectively being able to "bridge" between the internet and the corporate network. Remote Access Setup (DD-WRT)? - Networking Aug 17, 2014 Create a NAS with a DD-WRT | Step by Step guide

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Security. Interesting article about strength and security of PKI today Pro-Linux (german) [] VPN with PPTOn DD-WRT, go to the Administration->Services and set PPTP server to active, save the changes, then set the IP of router ( for the server IP, and under Client IP(s) set a range for connections.

Dd Wrt Vpn Remote Desktop Many potential users are put off by the complexity of VPNs; however, this system is simple. Once downloaded, users simply choose a server and click 'connect', and there is no requirement to register personal details.