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Egypt is known as the gateway to the Middle East and carries centuries of history that can be found at sights along the Nile River and at the many pyramids and temples across the country. From Cairo, you can easily travel to Israel's Holy Land in Jerusalem or the modern city of Tel Aviv. Just a few kilometers over the border, Jordan is filled with ancient treasures such as Petra, a valley Why did God send the Israelites to Egypt for 400 years Jan 02, 2020 Israel in Egypt, oratorio, HWV 54 | Details | AllMusic Very few people have ever heard George Frideric Handel's sacred oratorio Israel in Egypt in anything like the form in which he first composed it. The story of the work's genesis is interesting: as Handel originally penned it in 1738, Israel in Egypt was a work in three acts, the first of which was an adaptation of the Funeral Anthem, HWV 264, composed the previous year on the death of his

Colorfully chronicling the exodus of the Israelites and the plagues that besieged Egypt, Handel’s biblical oratorio Israel in Egypt showcases the composer’s vivid imagination and inherent understanding of human nature. Presented as the second installment of the Los Angeles Master Chorale’s Hidden Handel project, this vibrant vocal showcase will be enhanced by Syrian Armenian visual

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Israel in Egypt, HWV 54 (Handel, George Frideric) - IMSLP 9. Chorus: He smote all the first-born of Egypt (72 bars) 10. Chorus: But for his people (168 bars) 11. Chorus: Egypt was glad (72 bars) 12. Double Chorus: He rebuked the Red Sea (8 bars) 13. Chorus: He led them through the deep (32 bars) 14. Chorus: But the waters overwhelmed (35 bars) 15. Double Chorus: And Israel saw that great work (11 bars 10 Best Egypt, Jordan And Israel Tours & Trips 2020/2021 Egypt, the gateway to the Middle East, carries centuries of history along the Nile River past Egyptian pyramids and temples. Once you reach Cairo, you can easily get to Israel's holy land in Jerusalem. You'll notice that despite their proximity, Tel Aviv has an entirely different vibe and just a few kilometres over the border, Jordan hides another ancient treasure, a valley of magnificent Merneptah Stele - Wikipedia The Merneptah Stele – also known as the Israel Stele or the Victory Stele of Merneptah – is an inscription by the ancient Egyptian Pharaoh Merneptah (reign: 1213–1203 BCE) discovered by Flinders Petrie in 1896 at Thebes, and now housed in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo.. The text is largely an account of Merneptah's victory over the Libyans and their allies, but the last 3 of the 28 lines