This topic describes the functions, syntax, and parameters of all the MVS™ base control program (BCP) system commands. You can use these commands to control both the system itself and multiple console support (MCS), HMC multiple console support (HMCS) or SNA multiple console support (SMCS) consoles. Table 1 sums up the MVS BCP system commands and their functions.

Below is an example syntax of how to use the su command…. su [options] [LOGIN] Options: The command line options are switches or flags that determined how the commands are executed or controlled… they modify the behavior of the commands… they are separated by spaces and followed after the commands… Below are some options of the su command: Linux su command examples SU Command. Howto switch users using the su command. su command. Running the "su" command allows a user to temporarily become another user. When invoked "su" will run a command or shell as the user ID, Group ID and supplemental groups of that user. su Man Page - Linux -

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su Command - IBM The su command is a PAM-enabled application with a service name of su. System-wide configuration to use PAM for authentication is set by modifying the value of the auth_type attribute, in the usw stanza of /etc/security/login.cfg , to PAM_AUTH as the root user. Complete List of MS-DOS Commands - Lifewire

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3 UNIX / Linux su Command Examples Login into another user account. By simply passing the username to the su command, it will provide … Chat Commands - Twitch Basic Commands for Broadcasters and all Moderators User This command opens a user’s profile card where channel moderators and streamers can share channel-specific moderation comments, see when the user made their account, and view that user's channel-specific chat, timeout, and ban history. Linux sudo command tips